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Ken keeps swinging... Ken always works it out!
Peter Murphy (Bauhaus, Dali's Car)

Film & TV clients include:
HBO, Disney, Netflix, E!, Fox, A&E, MacGillivray Freeman, CBS Films, Amazon, TNT, Starz, Lifetime, USA Network, National Lampoon, Alliance Films, INY Film, Aviary Films...


I have worked with Ken on a number of my projects, and have found him to be very professional in his approach to all aspects of recording, very easy to work with, and is both technically adept, and creatively responsive to the artist needs. if you have the opportunity to work with him you won’t be disappointed.
Dave Mason (Traffic, Fleetwood Mac)
Eros Creative and Sound affords singer/songwriters and bands—as well as actors, voice over artists, and filmmakers—the opportunity to enhance, develop, and showcase their works with producer, engineer and mixer, Ken Eros.

We offer
Source-Connect (a higher-fidelity alternative to antiquated ISDN), screen sharing and visual interaction via Zoom, and Skype for the remote recording and monitoring of commercial voice overs and film/television ADR.
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ECS - Ken Eros
tel. 1 805 746 6312
Ojai, CA USA




Ken Eros is the BOMB!!! His power in the studio is unmatched! He has this wonderful sense of balance that allows him to pick up any instrument and play it like the console. He ALWAYS delivers and is our first-call conduit for recording projects.
James Lowe, electric prunes
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California-based producer / engineer Ken Eros is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with a powerful baritone-tenor voice crossing genres as diverse as R&B, Soul, World, Rock, and Pop. He is a founding member of the Celtic / World / Trip-Hop band Green Man, and his multiple-octave range landed him the lead role in Andrew Lloyd Webber's rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar.

His production, engineering and mixing skills have helped several artists attain Grammy® nominations, including the 2007 Grammy® nominated Truth, by celebrated Blues and Jazz artist Robben Ford in the "Best Contemporary Blues Album" category, and a 2005 Grammy® nomination for Be Bop Your Best, by recording artist Red Grammer, in the "Best Musical Album for Children" category.

Read Ken's featured interview in the Creative Fathers issue (#10) of ChildGood Magazine.
Green Man - When You Were a Tadpole and I Was a Fish (2014)
It has been my absolute privilege to work many times with Ken Eros on various musical, film and television projects. With everything Ken does, there are compliments all around about the quality of the work and the professionalism and expediency with which he delivers the project. He’s one of my favorite people that I’ve ever worked with and I cannot recommend him highly enough as a talented and consummate professional.
Mary Steenburgen
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2005 GRAMMY® nominated
Be Bop Your Best by Red Grammer
"Best Musical Album For Children"

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2007 GRAMMY® nominated
Truth by Robben Ford
"Best Contemporary Blues Album"

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Contact info.
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ECS - Ken Eros
tel. 1 805 746 6312
Ojai, CA USA




By reviewing and understanding what processes are available and relevant to you, together we can establish a roadmap designed to help you quickly and effectively reach your artistic and production goals.
You'll definitely see rabbits pulled out of hats!
Michelle Shocked
Automatic Dialog Replacement (ADR) / Voice Overs

Automatic Dialog Replacement (ADR) is commonly used in the television and film industry to correct and replace dialog spoiled by noisy set environments or recording techniques, electronic glitches, etc. It is also used creatively by actors and directors to introduce new dialog or approaches to existing dialog, in order to reshape or fine-tune the focus of a scene. Eros Creative and Sound offers
Source-Connect (a higher-fidelity alternative to antiquated ISDN), screen sharing and visual interaction via Zoom, and Skype for the remote recording and monitoring of commercial voice overs and film / television ADR.
Custom Song Creation w/ Full Production

There are times when a client comes in with just a germ of an idea and a "could you make it sound like..." sense of what they want to hear. Do you like to write songs or lyrics but don't play an instrument? Maybe you know someone who writes beautiful poetry and have always thought it would make a great song.

If any of these things sounds like you, we can help. Let us turn your idea, song, or poetry into a fully-realized or newly revitalized work. This service also makes a great gift idea for a budding songwriter or non-musical creative writer.

Listen to "before and after" production examples of how Eros Creative and Sound helps artists to produce and fully realize their songs...

Producer & Engineer / Arranger

Some artists are interested in hiring me solely as an engineer -- that is, to capture the parts they've already arranged and decided on; others are seeking a producer’s professional insight and assistance with their recording (i.e. selecting the best takes, developing and fine-tuning parts, working on arrangements, hiring session musicians, etc.)—either way, your project is guaranteed the complete and personal attention it deserves.

Vocal arrangements—simple or stacked a la Todd Rundgren -- are my specialty.

Mixing / Remixing

Mixing can take on several forms. A rock band might only want their songs mixed in a way that best represents what and how they perform live, therefore a deliberate yet modest approach to levels balancing, compression, equalization and panning might be the answer.

Electronica or dance remixers will often times create songs during the mix stage, in which case we might explore some more artistic mixing techniques. Dance remixes focus even more on pushing song elements and transitions in excitingly new and radical directions.


What is sweetening? Simply put, it is a form of enhancement designed to make the song “better.” It can be the addition of hooks that stick in your head and make the song memorable (e.g. signature guitar licks, a static drum beat, vocal shout-outs, etc.).

The careful placement of new elements such as single, stacked or round-robin vocal harmonies; light percussion (e.g. hand-drums, shakers, tambourine, clavs, and of course... more cowbell... I gotta have more cowbell, baby!); synth pads, string or horn arrangements; and piano or guitar accents can all add to the excitement and turn a good track into a great track.
A first rate engineer whose talents are enhanced by his imaginativeness.
Red Grammer
Comping & Tuning

Comping & tuning vocals or solos is an art in and of itself. Often times a new band or artist will track a solo or vocal several times and then simply go with the last version—completely ignoring previous takes that might contain a forgotten gem. Creating a final take from "the best of the best" takes is commonplace nowadays, but the process is sometimes difficult and tedious, and the outcome can sound unnatural in the wrong hands. The trick is to be judicious (and maybe a little masochistic) and use the proper tools sparingly.

I don’t use the ubiquitous “popular” tuning program—and unless we're going for an effect or the client/label specifically requests otherwise—I fix only the notes that really need fixing, and tune everything by hand.

Track Alignment / Sound Replacement

Track alignment is used to tighten-up vocal harmonies (single voice or stacked) and deliver punch and precision to an otherwise loose song. It can also be used to lock-in the drums and bass.

Sound replacement is a powerful tool normally associated with drums—in particular, either poorly recorded or single-file stereo drum tracks—and is used to either fully replace or add dimension and support to existing tracks. It can also be used to replace poorly recorded live vocals.
Ken's attention to detail pulled us thru a long, kickass day of rock-n-roll!
Culture Clash
On-Location & Event Archival Recording

Sometimes it's better for me to come to you. It doesn’t always need to be a remote truck with all the trimmings, just something simple and effective (yet multi-track and high quality) that can be used for archival purposes or editing, mixing and release at a later date.

On-location recording is useful for voiceover actors needing to create and email an audition to their agent; authors looking to record an audio book; bands working on new material, demos to present to booking agents or fine-tuning their set for an important live showcase.

Film & Television Underscore / Music Licensing

Whether you need a custom audio backdrop, a cover of an existing song, or you're looking for “one stop” music that is immediately available for master and synch licensing, my experience and relationships with a wide variety of artists crossing multiple musical genres can help.

If you are a music supervisor and wish to
review or license the 100% pre-cleared catalogue of Green Man, get in touch.
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Contact info.
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ECS - Ken Eros
tel. 1 805 746 6312
Ojai, CA USA




Ken is a fantastic producer and engineer. Besides having a wonderful ear and a great work ethic, he will put lots of personal care and compassion into your project. I know first hand!
Ed Kowalczyk (Live)
Film & TV clients include:
HBO, Disney, Netflix, E!, Fox, A&E, MacGillivray Freeman, CBS Films, Amazon, TNT, Starz, Lifetime, USA Network, National Lampoon, Alliance Films, INY Film, Aviary Films...

Projects and collaborators:
Bauhaus, Daniel Ash, The Doors, Joe Bonamassa, Izzy Stradlin, Mary Steenburgen, Perla Batalla, Byron Katie, Ed Kowalczyk, Live, John McEuen, Culture Clash, Dave Mason, Robben Ford, Electric Prunes, Sonny Landreth, Red Grammer, Bruce Botnick, Fisher, Peter Strauss, Ted Levine, Bruce McGill, Malcolm McDowell...

Credits Legend:
A - arranger
E - engineer
M - mixer
P - producer
RA - recording artist
S - sweetening
SD - sound design

1 I Wanna Be

Credit: (A, E, M, P, RA)

Taylor's debut single "I Wanna Be" is also her first foray into the world of recording. After bringing in a rough demo as a template, we discussed the direction she wanted to take her song and ECS created the backing tracks. Taylor returned to the studio to lay down her guitar and vocals followed by guitar great, and Taylor's teacher, Alan Thornhill who generously contributed lead guitar throughout. Her unique and advanced vocal style and writing approach, skills on the guitar, and willingness to collaborate and experiment make Taylor a dream to work with. Keep checking back for more songs from this promising new artist.


1 When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd

Credit: (E, M, P)

Actor/recording artist John Slade's new album I SING WALT WHITMAN is a companion to his outstanding one-man stage show by the same name, and a noteworthy and artistic tribute to the great American poet Walt Whitman. The spoken-word album was created using Whitman's own poems and letters put to music by John and ECS. Songs range from rap to world to revivalist foot-stompin' and everything in between. Some days we collaborated on-the-fly with treated e-bow guitar and drum loops, other days we created full songs from scratch or simply recorded piano and vocal--as was the case with this example.


1 Rock Me Baby

Credit: (S* = Digital Sync: JS Harmonica)

The four-song encore on the 18th that includes "Rock Me Baby," "Going to N.Y. Blues," "Maggie M'Gill," and "Gloria" were only unleashed once. During that same finale, former Lovin' Spoonful co-founder John Sebastian (harmonica) is invited on-stage. According to Bruce Botnick's "technical note" found in the accompanying liner notes booklet: "When John came onstage to join The Doors for the Sunday second show encore, he was handed a microphone that was only going through The Doors' sound system, and not plugged into the Fedco Audio Labs mobile truck. As a consequence, John's harmonica didn't get recorded. So, earlier in 2009, we arranged for John to join Ray Manzarek and myself at Skywalker Sound in San Rafael. John replayed his parts as closely as possible against the PA leakage from the audience tracks on the original recorded 8-track masters."


1 Adrenalin

Credit: (E, M)

Recorded in 18 days, some tracks in one take, Bauhaus' fifth (and final) studio album GO AWAY WHITE proves that even a quarter-century's hiatus can't kill a great band, especially if it was undead to begin with. There's no trickery here apart from the sinister seduction of Peter Murphy's ever-deepening Transylvanian croon and the bare, live style makes the band's heirs even more apparent. There's PJ Harvey in David J's swamp-blues bass; Nirvana in the shrieking, submerged guitar of Daniel Ash. GO AWAY WHITE picks up right where Bauhaus left off: a wet dream for original fans and a blast of recognition for the newly eye-lined. -- Billboard


1 Strange and Fateful Day

Credit: (M, S)

The magical combination of Christine Tavares' velvety and sure voice, the thoughtful and imaginative songwriting of John Morell and the creative musicians gathered for these sessions transports the listener to new, yet strangely familiar, territory. For me, it's like listening to the soundtrack to a James Bond movie. This track is one of several for which ECS provided sweetening and remix services. While a new release of these remixed tracks has not yet been distributed, the cuts on the original CD (linked above) are terrific.


1 Contrast

Credit: (M, P, RA: programming, SD)

Adena's cool and immediate vocals, unique style and minimalist approach to her music were the first things I noticed when she sent me her track "Contrast" for additional production, sweetening, and mixing. Together, we decided on an open and european direction—with minimal but bold "moment-driven" effects—for the additional production and mix designed to compliment, not overshadow, this beautiful song.


1 Stark

Credit: (E)

Danny Click's LIFE IS A GOOD PLACE evokes both a profound sense of loss and the wonder of transformation. His songwriting continues in the tradition of the Texas greats. This album is a heartfelt collection of wide-open songs of struggle and redemption. The stories lead us seamlessly through a range of emotions that closely follow the highs and lows of life itself. Ever the perfectionist, and someone who clearly and rightly knows exactly what he wants to hear and when it has been achieved, Danny's musical vision led us to record his acoustic guitar with no fewer than four (and sometimes five) mics from various listening perspectives. Dig.


1 Cup of Trouble

Credit: (E, M)

Oscar®-winning actress Mary Steenburgen is also a killer songwriter and singer. This track "Cup of Trouble" (co-written by her) is one of several Steenburgen-penned songs included in the CBS Films release LAST VEGAS (their highest grossing film to date) and features Mary's beautiful smooth jazz singing style.


1 El Cascabel

Credit: (E, M)

Working with Grammy® nominated vocalist Perla Batalla is one of my great joys--both on the road and in the studio. We've grown to know one another so well that working on albums together is nearly effortless and always magical fun. Tracking and mixing the songs of GRACIAS A LA VIDA was no exception. Her pitch and instincts are dead-on and we seem to have the same thoughts at the same times. She's a dear friend and an amazing singer. Don't miss her performing live!


1 Big Woman

Credit: (E, M, P, RA)

Singer/Songwriter Jodi Brandt's sunny style and wry sense of humor shine brightly in her debut release BAD WAY, and album that epitomizes the genre California Country. Collaborating with Jodi on these songs was so much fun and together with pianist/organist/saxophonist Jim Calire we hammered out this six-song EP.


1 The Girl Who Crashed My Dream

Credit: (E, M)

Working on this project holds a special place in my heart as it's the last time I worked with bassist Mark Tulin. He was a brilliant musician and a great human being. Some tracks were cut and mixed together (like the example here) and others were done posthumously with vocalist/founding member James Lowe (whom I also completely dig working with!). Whenever I track bass nowadays I still use my lucky "Mark Tulin" bass pick from these sessions.


1 Let Me Be

Credit: (M, RA: b. vox)

Kenny Davin Fine is a passionate and prolific singer-songwriter, medical doctor, and spiritual Journeyman whose goal is to entertain, educate, and enlighten with his original, thought-provoking music. Combining the sounds of classic rock, country, and blues, Kenny has created a sound noteworthy for both its friendliness to the ear and its spirit-touching quality. As displayed in over 100 of his original songs, Kenny's lyrics reflect life's ups and downs, love found and lost, mystical and spiritual pursuits, and the important reality of just having fun.


1 Breathe

Credit: (E: piano)

Since their first known song I Will Love You, Fisher has continually managed to express the experiences of the their lives in an honest and intriguing way. This album covers two years on the life of Kathy Fisher and Ron Wasserman. From the lowest point of death to the highest highs these 12 songs will take you on a journey you will not forget. This is a phenomenal, well-crafted and engaging album. Like their other work, you'll find you keep playing it again and again. -- Amazon


1 Herringbone Sky

Credit: (E, M, P, RA)

GREEN MAN reinvents itself with its release "lovedeathbeauty"—delivering Celtic/World music blended with electronica, bass, drums, Eastern perc./scales, m/f lead vox & harmonies, and rock guitars. Also incorporating flute, whistle, accordion, uilleann pipes, cittern & sitar—the result is unique, fresh and exciting; while remaining true to the timeless depth & beauty of traditional Celtic music. With this CD, the band is determined to prove that despite cultural differences, the world is bound by these shared experiences: love, death and beauty. -- Amazon


1 Texas on the 4th of July

Credit: (E)

Singer/Songwriter Tom Kell's release THIS DESERT CITY is another one of my favorites. So many killer musicians on fire and the creativity was off the charts! Making things easier and more enjoyable was the camaraderie shared with producer Jeffrey Cox and co-engineer Jeff Evans, and the fact that Tom Kell is a dream to work with in the studio. His songwriting and delivery are natural, pure, and straight from the heart.


1 Concrete

Credit: (E: vocals)

Stradlin's old-fashioned rock & roll isn't a limitation but charming, especially when he's revving up a messy rocker like "Knuckleheads" or laying into an easy acoustic groove on "I Know," effortlessly evoking the ghost of Ronnie Lane. CONCRETE is reminiscent of what Izzy did best in the heydays of Guns N' Roses, it's nice to know that he still has it in him to create songs as humbly terrific as this. -- Stephen Thomas Erlewine, Rovi


1 Dear Mr. Fantasy

Credit: (E, M)

I've been working with musical icon and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artist Dave Mason for the last five years; and while some singers struggle to maintain the punch and fire of their earlier releases he just keeps getting better and better!

The icing on this cake was tracking blues guitar with the great Joe Bonamassa as well. Joe's tasty guitar licks and killer tone coupled perfectly with Dave's vocals and guitar. Look for more from these two in the not-too-distant future!


1 The River (Acoustic) - European single

Credit: (E, M)

Live is continuing to grow into their ambitions, as "Love Shines (A Song for My Daughters About God)" indicates, but they remain invigorated on their seventh studio recording. They deserve some credit for that as they've been at this rock thing for awhile now, forming in 1988 and releasing debut Mental Jewelry in 1991.

As always, Ed Kowalczyk sings it like he means it. With "Songs from Black Mountain" Live has produced a solid, respectable effort, which neither advances nor jeopardizes their cause. -- Kathleen C. Fennessy


1 Lateral Climb

Credit: (E: vocals, SD)

2007 GRAMMY® nominated
Best Contemporary Blues Album

Not to be confused with Jeff Beck's identically titled 1968 album of crackling blues-rock fusion, this disc incorporates Robben Ford's unique blend of blues and jazz, but not rock. His first studio outing in four years shoehorns his traditionally biting, incisive-yet-clean guitar licks into songs that can't easily be pigeonholed.

The opening easygoing Chicago shuffle of "Lateral Climb" is about as bluesy as it gets. The tune kick-starts the proceedings with a blazing solo that will have guitar fans salivating that this is finally the release where Ford opens up on his instrument. -- Hal Horowitz


1 Be Bop Your Best

Credit: (E, M, P, RA: b. vox)

2005 GRAMMY® nominated
Best Musical Album for Children

The irrepressible Red Grammer is at it again, bringing his incredible voice and infectious playfulness to “Bebop Your Best!… Music To Build Character By”, his new collection of songs for Kids of All Ages. Red rocks, bops, and swings his way through 14 incredible songs that bring “Truthfulness,” “Responsibility,” “Kindness,” “Fairness,” “Integrity,” “Citizenship,” and others vividly to life with humor, wit, feistiness, and irresistible charm. -- Amazon


1 God's Will

Credit: (E: vocals, M, RA: programming, SD)

Sarah came in with some tracks she'd previously recorded and wanted mixed. Upon further review and consultation she decided to go in a more experimental direction than what the base tracks had to offer. The live drums and bass were fighting one another initially, but a little bass-driven gate trickery breathed new life into the groove and track, which in turn, inspired us both.

I programmed some trip-hop and dub-step beats, and liberally applied and created new effects to fit her mood. Sarah's voice reminds me of Karen Carpenter: tremendous control and a purity that befits her approach to life, and her music.


1 A Reason

Credit: (E: vocals, M, S)

A lyrical fusion of gothic, folk, industrial and psychedelic influences, this Ojai, CA band is intent upon manifesting a unique sound that represents the varying musical backgrounds of its members. Singer/songwriter Attasalina sets the haunting and soulful tone of the project with her powerful vocals and passionate performance. The group approached me seeking sweetening (bigger and more defined drums), vocal engineering and arrangement (check out the round-robin vocals at the end!), and an effect-laden, but live sounding, mix.


1 Way Past Long

Credit: (E: Robben Ford guitar and vocals)

Singer, songwriter and Louisiana slide guitar phenom Sonny Landreth's first studio album in five years unites his band with a who's who of musical guests for a set of all-original roots rock tinged with the blues and New Orleans soul. Featured guitarists and vocalists include Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Vince Gill, Eric Johnson, Robben Ford, Dr. John and Jimmy Buffett. -- Amazon


1 Only You Know and I Know

Credit: (E, M, RA: b. vox)

Terrific fun tracking and mixing on this "countrified" version of the Dave Mason hit "Only you Know and I Know" with the McEuens and singing backing vocals (highest part) as well. Man, these boys can really play and sing. Good times hanging out and working with the boys and Dave.


1 Copenhagen

Credit: (E)

Instrumental ambient debut by San Diego collective Starline Theorie. The core group of bass, drums, and two guitars is joined on stage and on record by a rotating cast of singers and players. The vocalists ""vocalize"" more than sing lyrics and the additional instrumentation (dumbek, sitar, piano, trumpet, djembe, cellos, flutes) lends a global feel to the album.

From dub/ambient pieces to Middle Eastern modal pieces to ambient guitar driven instrumentals, it's a beautiful record. For fans of Portishead, Massive Attack, and Dead Can Dance. -- Amazon

Contact info.
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ECS - Ken Eros
tel. 1 805 746 6312
Ojai, CA USA



Production (before/after)

Listen to "before and after" production examples of how Eros Creative and Sound helps artists to produce and fully realize their songs.

I've heard from two of the Doors, you did a fantastic job!
Bruce Botnick, producer (The Doors, MC5, Love, Eddie Money)

Client was seeking a California pop/country-crossover feel. Co-writing, song and vocal co-arranging, engineering, mixing and full production.

1 client demo
2 ECS production
3 full song


Written as a pitch for the "Twilight" movies, the track focused on remaining simple yet blooming into a cacophonous ending. Song co-arranging, engineering, mixing, moderate production and mastering.

1 client demo
2 ECS production
3 full song


This artist asked for a "fun" track with a nod towards bluegrass music. Co-writing, song and vocal co-arranging, engineering, mixing and full production.

1 client demo
2 ECS production
3 full song


This song was presented as an a Capella iPhone recording with the request to make it to sound like a lullaby. Song co-writing and arranging, engineering, mixing, full production and mastering.

1 client demo
2 ECS production
3 full song


Client came in with a poem and no songwriting experience. We wrote additional lyrics and created this "blue-eyed soul" track. Song co-writing and arranging, engineering, mixing, and full production.

1 client demo
2 ECS production
3 full song


The request was to transform a ballad into a "Bon Jovi" style anthem-rock track. Song and vocal co-arranging, engineering, mixing and full production.

1 client demo
2 ECS production
3 full song

This up-and-coming pop singer wanted to turn her guitar and vocal demo into a fully produced and contemporary video/radio ready track—one which would highlight both her songwriting skills and unique vocal style. Song and vocal co-arranging, hook-writing, engineering, mixing and full production.

1 client demo
2 ECS production
3 full song


Artist wanted an overhaul to this song in an effort to better capture the mood offered by the lyrics, and asked for a "Fleetwood Mac" feel to the backing instrumentation and performances. Song and vocal co-arranging, engineering, mixing, full production and mastering.

1 client demo
2 ECS production
3 full song


Home studio tracks were brought in and supplemented with newly recorded elements to give this song more pulse and fullness with a 70's feel. Song co-arranging, engineering, mixing, and moderate production.

1 client demo
2 ECS production
3 full song


This artist wanted the finished track to have an open feel with emphasis on the vocals and her simple piano style. Song co-arranging, engineering, mixing, full production and mastering.

1 client demo
2 ECS production
3 full song


"Make it sound like The Rolling Stones meets The Beatles" was the request from this artist. Song co-arranging, engineering, mixing, full production and mastering.

1 client demo
2 ECS production
3 full song

Contact info.
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ECS - Ken Eros
tel. 1 805 746 6312
Ojai, CA USA




Depending on the services, a refundable* deposit is required to book a session. We accept cash , personal checks, Paypal, and these major credit cards.

*24-hour courtesy notice of cancellation is required.
The best outside engineer I have yet worked with.
Brenda Noel ('The Word of Promise')
Send a PayPal payment or session deposit to by clinking the logo below:
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Contact info.
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ECS - Ken Eros
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Ojai, CA USA




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I love this studio... especially the cute engineer!
Perla Batalla







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